Social Media Marketing Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK

Social Media Marketing Gloucestershire, UK

Social Media Marketing Internet Online Marketing Cheltenham Gloucestershire, UK

Social Media Marketing Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK Social Media Marketing UK Gloucetsershire,Cheltenham Testimonials by some of our happy clients

Social Media Marketing for Internet Online Marketing Cheltenham testimonials- if you really help people succeed in business and in life, they thank you for all you have done for them.

This is a sampling of testimonials from those who know first hand and have experienced the power of our common sense and practical approaches to success...

"Simon Dye is one of the best website experts in the country." Ian Mean, Editor in Chief of Gloucestershire Media including the Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucester Citizen, Western Daily Press, the Forester, Bath Chronicle,,,,, and

"Deeply Impressed." Robin Bush.

"Simon, Yer a ruddy genius. Top of Google already. Well Done. Cheers mate." Dean Hill.

"Simon revamped my online marketing and cut my Google Adwords ppc budget by 93% and I still get the same amount of traffic. Thanks." James Brown.

"Bloody Marvellous- 38 First Place Rankings, 98 Top 5 rankings, 112 Top 10 rankings, 153 Top 20 rankings and 191 Top 30 rankings for my websites. You really must be doing something right." M Rushby.

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!! You rock."J Freer.

"I keep coming back to you for help with my website marketing because you are a gentleman who produces results." Michael Peckitt.

"My websites regularly appear at the top of or on the front page of all the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos and AOL. Which generates a considerable of traffic for my business."

"I have found Simon Dye to act in a professional and helpful manner throughout who frequently proactively makes suggestions to further improve my websites and can recommend his services to anyone looking to build and develop an ecommerce presence."- Nicholas C. Watkis AE DipM CMC MCIM MIMC. Business Performance Maximized

"Thanks for a great website.


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"Would heartily recommend the Web Guru to anyone looking to have a great working website built for them!"
John Down Motivation Magic

And from the host of our founding practitioners most recent talk:

Dear Simon
Sorry not to have been in touch earlier- I have had so many email requests for your presentation that took all my time yesterday. I have had a few more requests this morning too.

Thank you very much for giving of your valuable time to come and talk to our members. We have had a terrific response. Comments such as "Excellent presenter", "Authoratative talk", "Answered some very difficult questions very well", "Can we please have Mr Dye back for another session?".

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